Another Mikiature. An old one, actually, but I just got round to recording it:

You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)


‘OK, everyone, let’s check your homework.’


                ‘Yes, Juan, homework. Did you do it?’

                ‘No. I forget.’

                ‘Sorry, Juan, no points for honesty.’


                ‘Never mind, Juan. OK, what page was it, Ana?’


                ‘What page was the homework?’

                ‘Hundred seventy-six, no?’

                ‘The “hundred” was correct, Ana.’

                ‘No was hundred seventy-six?’

                ‘A hundred and sixty-seven, Ana.’

                ‘I say.’

                ‘One six seven, Ana. Not one seven six.’

                ‘Yes. I say.’

                ‘Well, it doesn’t matter. So, Elena, what did you put—’

                ‘What page you say?’

                ‘A hundred and sixty-seven, Pablo. One six seven.’

                ‘No was hundred seventy-six?’

                ‘No, Pablo. OK, sorry, Elena. What did you put for number one?’

                ‘What I put number one?’

                ‘Yes, what you put number one?’

                ‘I no put nothing.’


                ‘I no do homework.’

                ‘Copied Juan, eh?’

                ‘No, I thinking you say hundred sixty-seven.’

                ‘I did say a hundred and sixty-seven, Elena. One six seven.’

                ‘So, why we looking hundred seventy-six?’

                ‘Jesus wep— OK, folks, forget the homework. Let’s sort this out first. Er, Pablo? Can you count to ten?’

                ‘Yes, I can.’

                ‘Go on, then. Let’s hear you.’


                ‘One . . .’


                ‘Nothing, Juan, I was talking to Pablo.’

                ‘Eh?’ . . .