Here's another Mikiature I wrote recently . . .

Mick pressed the dreaded button and braced himself. What delights would his beloved PC hold in store for him today? A prompt to install Service Pack 21? An invitation to upgrade to Media Player 49? A reminder that his yearly anti-virus subscription would expire in 11 months’ time?

            He knew the routine well by now for, regardless of  program, the procedure was always the same:

            Install? OK – Leave for later.

            Leave for later.

            Leave for later? Yes – No.


            Yes, install or Yes, leave for later? Accept – Cancel.


            Proceed with installation? OK – Leave for later.



            You heard me! I want to speak to the Manager!

            That usually fixed it, and Mick was now ready to do battle with “The Beast”. Whilst no two mornings were ever the same – perish the thought that he should be in control of his life – today’s inbox was fairly representative of his daily challenges. Namely:

·        ten mails asking after a critical report;

·        seven messages to ring Mr. Jones urgently;

·        four requests to hold a team meeting immediately;

·        and one silly story about a man who hated computers.

            The reports, calls and meetings could wait. This one was vital.

(from Mikiatures: 200 stories . . . of 200 words . . . in 200 minutes)