Another recent Mikiature, and a chance to post a link to one of most amazing singers I have been privileged to see in concert, just months before he was killed in a tragic accident: Steve Lee. Rest in peace. OK, here goes . . .


In the year 3030 . . .

‘So, how do these things work, Stan?’

            ‘Stand back and I’ll show you. What you do is lift your right foot up like this and put it down here. Got that? Now comes the best bit . . . Without moving your right foot, lift up your other foot – that’s the left one, Les – and put it down here. Like so.’

            ‘That’s amazing! You’re higher than me! Can I have a go?’

            ‘Sure. I’ll wait for you.’

            ‘OK, here goes . . . Hey! That’s brilliant. So, now what?’

            ‘We repeat the same steps, Les, until we get to the top.’

            ‘Isn’t that rather tiring?’

            ‘There’s only one way to find out.’

            ‘Perhaps we should wait for it to start moving.’

            ‘Have you been watching those Harrods ads again, Les? This ain’t no excavator; this is a stairs.’

            ‘Stairs? Why’s that?’

            ‘Because everyone is staring at us. Look, get a move on, Les. I’m losing my balance!’

            ‘Me too. Hang on a minute, what’s—’

            ‘Don’t touch that!’

            ‘Blimey, Stan, you made me jump!’

            ‘Sorry, Les, but them barristers are a death trap. Bloody spaceboarders! Now then, mind your step . . .’