Operation Swimming Trunks began on Monday (I don’t want to go to the Wedding of the Year with a muffin top). And thanks to my BCP diet (Be Careful Puddinghead!), I have already lost a couple of pounds this week.

Before I go any further, however, a word of warning: BCP can seriously improve your waistline, so please don’t try this at home unless you’re barking mad and/or fat. All I can say is that the BCP diet has always worked for me. Basically, it means you have to avoid anything that begins with B, C or P – hang on, there’s more – if and only if you would normally gobble it down like there’s no tomorrow. In my particular case, this means:

NO beer, biscuits, bread or buns
NO cakes, cheese, chocolate, chorizo, croissants, champagne or caviar
NO pizza, pies or potatoes

In brief: don't eat anything you like.

So, for example, I could still eat bananas, beetruit, cabbage, cauliflower, pears and petrol if I wanted to – because I rarely do. Besides, have you seen the price of petrol these days?

Finally, I should also point out that I have decided to spell koffee with a K until I decide to call an end to OST. Life without koffee? Now that would be krazy!