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Five Years

Posted by Mike Church on Tuesday, September 20, 2011,

Sept 23rd. Pat died five years ago today:


This photo was taken at Sue's wedding (19th May, 2001). It's one of the few that I have of Pat and me together. Behind us, you can see Brian and Uncle Bernard engaged in a heated discussion on parking options in Totteridge Drive.


Although Pat had never enjoyed good health, her sudden death caught us all by surprise; especially poor Dave, of course, who was with her at t...

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Games Without Frontiers

Posted by Mike Church on Tuesday, September 20, 2011,


Here are a few games that you too can play at home.


Dump your bags here!


What’s the point of taking your bags to your bedroom when you can dump them in the Baggage Meeting Point in the hall? As the bags pile up, it’s fun occasionally to sift through them, trying to identify their owner, their function and whether the bag is just visiting, on its way in, out, up, down . . . or here to stay for ever.


Open those doors...

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